May 30, 2009.

CRYSTAL SITE - The CC site has been in the works these past months. LB's been very generous providing AUSXIP with tons of scans, I am now in the process of finalizing the galleries. Got a few things off eBay and Netflix to add to LB's collection. The older GL Telenext episodes have also given me tons to do. Hopefully everyone will find something that's new to them when the new subdomain dedicated to Ms. Chappell is launched in the next couple days.

In the meantime, poke around the Otalia Gallery, the Jessica Leccia site, check out the gorgeous avatars folks have submitted, or read of my "struggles" putting it all together on Twitter.

May 27, 2009.

ICONS, AVATARS - Put the icon page in order. Added links to all sorts of wonderful creations on livejournal by jetgirl78, softeranswer and sparklebunny.

WALLPAPERS - Put the wallpaper page in order. Added two new pieces (one with three color variants) I made while trying to figure out the new layout.

Two Hearts. This morphed into the current layout. Wide screen 1 2 3. Full screen 1 2 3. Created: 05/26/09. Textures from misplaced. Heart from clipartguide.

Pure. Bench slide AW. | Wide screen. Full screen.
Created: 05/26/09. Images from the 5/26 episode.
Textures from misplaced.

FANLISTING - New members added to the fanlisting. Welcome on board!

May 26, 2009.

NEW LAYOUT featuring images from this month's episodes. Thanks to RocketChick for kicking the banner around with me, it only took 45 versions to get this far. She is darn picky. Images by me, texture by misplaced, made in PS6 and CS4.

MAY EPS The eps so far this month: SO good! *happy sigh* That "bench slide"? Perfection. Agree with nut_megger.

UPDATES Added tons of screen captures from the May episodes. Click any of the thumbnails below to access the gallery main gallery for May and go from there. Many thanks to VuDuLady for her awesome videos.

You know the drill: WATCH THE EPISODES! US folks can watch the show on or on IMDB.COM. International folks can watch the clips on YouTube at the Otaliafan channel.

E-MAIL, PSA REMINDER Old e-mail dead. New one: mesh [at] ausxip [dot] org. Take your vitamins and antihistamines, kids :D

FAN ART Cleaning those up, shall be posting new wallpapers and icons later tonight.

May 25, 2009.

E-MAIL Apprently my old e-mail's dead. Please use mesh [at] ausxip [dot] org if you wish to get in tocuh with me. Thank you!

PSA Take your vitamins and antihistamines, kids :D

UPDATES They are a coming. You can read my blather about all things in the works on AUSXIP on Twitter.

May 14, 2009.

SITE NEWS (OF SORTS) Back from a hectic week in New York. Saw Exit the King on Broadway (terrific), hit The Met with the family (awesome, as always) and enjoyed a day the Brooklyn Botanical Garden (gorgeous). I am pretty sure it was Zuzanna Szadowski sitting across from me on the F Train on Tuesday, but I was too much of a wuss to ask how many frequent flyer miles she got for her "Bosnia" trips from GL. *g Naturally, I saw Otalia everywhere and in everything, even had Olivia with me all the time. She is the best travel companion imaginable! :P

Updates (including massive Jessica Leccia site additions and a brand new Crystal Chappell site) shall be forthcoming by the end of the month, until then I recommend hitting BPD, Incandescent Fire or the LJ Comm.

MINI FIC REC Tons of good fic on the LJ Comm and on Incandescent Fire, folks! I'd like to rec RocketChick's "Redeye" that is a take on the events following Natalia's phone call the other day. My other mini rec is of Phox's "There Is No Us" that picks up immediately after the WoD. While different in length and nature, both handle the characters and show events in a plausible and thoroughly enjoyable manner. I realize this description may seem dull, so I'll add: Both fics ROCK! Go read! :P

You know the drill: WATCH THE EPISODES! US folks can watch the show on or on IMDB.COM. International folks can watch the clips on YouTube at the Otaliafan channel.

May 5, 2009.

SITE NEWS AUSXIP was hacked, then the server decided to croak. We're back online, thanks to MaryD's hard work and to all our backups. All should be uploaded and working shortly.

TODAY'S EPISODE Blake? I'm going to have to sic Doris' goons on ya! | US folks can watch today's episode on or on IMDB.COM. International folks can watch the clips on YouTube at the Otaliafan channel.

GL ON LIFETIME OR OXYGEN? Check the BPD board's campaign thread for the most recent info on who to write!

May 4, 2009.

OTALIATOON Instead of the weekly recap, I give you: Doris Addresses the people of Springfield. | Summary: Doris reflects upon last week's events. | Note: This is probably funny to me alone. I was a Philip K. Dick high at the time of writing the script for this, so there. :P | You can comment on the video on either YouTube or at the BPD LJ comm thread.

May 1, 2009.

JESSICA LECCIA INTERVIEW Destini's interview with Jessica is now available online at the Big Purple Podcast website. It's a great and unique piece, go have a listen!

WALLPAPER Feel free to grab this for personal use, please do NOT repost on any other boards or sites. Please do not crop or edit in any shape or form. You're welcome to comment, offer suggestions or add your own art at the femslash_fanart community on Livejournal.

1680 x 1050 (Widescreen) and 1200 x 900 (Full screen) versions. Images from the 04/06/09 episode. Screen caps by me. Textures by me with a combination of stock photos from

SCREEN CAPS FROM YESTERDAY'S EP - Used VuDuLady's HD clip for source, TYVM! Use them for make wallpapers, banners and icons, folks! I wanna see some nice pieces with all the cuteness! :D

Click any of the thumbnails below to access the gallery.