June 22, 2009.

UPBEAT MAGAZINE Bridget Petrella interviewed Crystal with additional editing by Sonia Satra. A great interview with more stunning photos from Crystal's recent photo shoot. Gorgeous photos. | Thanks to LB for the info.

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL Crystal ranks #2 on Daytime Confidential's list. | Thanks to LB for the info.

WATCH THE EPISODES While you can. | US folks can watch the show on or on IMDB.COM.

June 18, 2009.

ADVOCATE INTERVIEW Michael Fairman interviews Crystal about Otalia’s End and Days' Beginning. A must read for the content, must see for the gorgeous portrait of Crystal. | Thanks to LB for the info.


June 15, 2009.

CRYSTAL RULES TVGUIDE.COM Michael Logan's Crystal Chappell Returns to Days of Our Lives article is holding its #1 spot on as the most read story. YAY!


June 12, 2009.

TV GUIDE ARTICLE Crystal Chappell Returns to Days of Our Lives by Michael Logan. | If Guiding Light finds a new home after it leaves CBS it’ll be without half of Otalia, the soap’s sizzling girl-girl duo. Emmy winner Crystal Chappell, who plays late-in-life-lesbian Olivia Spencer, has signed a deal to return to NBC’s Days of Our Lives as Carly Manning, a role she played to great popularity in the early ’90s (and, famously, got buried alive!). Chappell will start taping Days in September and hit the air in October. She gave TV Guide Magazine the exclusive lowdown on her surprising soap switch. Read the article.

June 11, 2009.

CONGRATULATIONS to Jessica and Brian!

June 10, 2009.

WALLPAPERS Added two Jessica, Natalia pieces to the wallpaper section. Click the thumbnails to get to the color and size variations.

WATCH THE EPISODES What exactly did Nat put in those cookies? *g In other news: Rafe still needs a good hard smack on the head, Blake needs to hang out with Doris. | US folks can watch the show on or on IMDB.COM.

June 8, 2009.

HIDE THE BABY - PART DEUX Added more items to the gallery showing how GL tried to hide Jessica Leccia's pregnancy. Below are my personal favorites, the flowers + pine cone + assorted vegetables combo taking the top spot.

June 6, 2009.

UPDATES Added some ridiculously cute screen captures from the May 27-28 episodes. Click any of the thumbnails below to access the gallery main gallery for May and go from there. Many thanks to VuDuLady for her awesome videos.

HIDE THE BABY! Added a gallery with images of how the show tried to get creative hiding Jessica Leccia's pregnancy. Some are quite hilarious. I still need to find all the early pine cone stuff, those are the best.

June 5, 2009.

CRYSTAL CHAPPELL SITE AUSXIP has launched its shiny new Crystal Chappell site. Our goal was to put together a bunch of images and art, so we hope you'll find goodies you haven't seen before.

The new additions to the site include hard to find magazine scans from the DOOL, OLTL and GL eras provided by the wonderful LB. There's a bunch of screen captures of Crystal from various TV Shows, including 2007 episodes of Guiding Light. The latter come with an episode guide of sorts to help you track Olivia's path.

There's a growing collection of Crystal and Olivia icons and avatars created by a talented bunch of folks from Livejournal. There's also a batch of wallpapers for you to download to your desktop.

Upcoming updates will include more magazine scans, GL episode screen captures, as well as fic, YouTube and fan art recs.

Enjoy your stay on AUSXIP, have a great weekend!

June 3, 2009.

INTERVIEW Jessica answers questions from the fans at the tellofilms website. Thanks to LB for the info.

FAN ART Very pleased to announce that AUSXIP now showcases a sample of grumpybear1031's icons. She has created some of the most wonderful pieces in the Otalia, SCC, WMC, LAO:SVU and other fandoms, check out her work on Livejournal. | Please do not edit these pieces. Comment "grumpybear1031" if you intend to use these on boards or in your journal.

More icons by grumpybear1031 | Click here to see all icons showcased on AUSXIP.

June 2, 2009.

WATCH THE EPISODE! Here's hoping that someone will smack Rafe soon for being such an ungrateful little boy. Maybe then Otalia can start dating. | US folks can watch the show on or on IMDB.COM. International folks can watch the clips on YouTube at the Otaliafan channel.

FIC REC RocketChick has posted another installment of Random Acts of Domestic Hotness titled Off the Bench. Terrific, as always. I wish the show had dealt with aftermath of Rafe's hearing more like this. Why they had to get Frank involved there in the first place, is beyond me. *sigh*

YOUTUBE REC It is ever so strange to watch Crystal as Olivia one hour, then see her as Maggie Carpenter repeating "I am a nun" the next. Not sure about the hair (:P), but the voice and the delivery? Amazing work.