July 18, 2009.

OTALIA AT THE EMMY'S Michael Fairman reports in his Advocate's Guide to Daytime column that on top of the GL Tribute to take place, Otalia may pop up in unexpected places. | Many thanks to LB for the info.

July 16, 2009.

LOVING ORLAGH :D Picked up the audio book for Among the Mad: A Maisie Dobbs Novel at the library yesterday. Orlagh gives a fantastic reading of this new story in the Maisie Dobbs series, just terrific! has a sample from the beginning of the novel that gives you an idea of what the novel's like and the voices, characterization Orlagh pulls off. Intriguing storyline, oft hypnotic reading, tremendous fun! Go check it out, see if you can order through your libraries or grab a copy from audible for $7.49. | Be sure to check out the cover, her character is wearing a hat! :D

July 15, 2009.

VENICE THE SERIES Crystal's upcoming web series will also star Jessica Leccia as "Ani", a photographer. Awesome! Check Crystal's Twitter for more details.

FACEBOOK Crystal now has a Facebook page :D

July 10, 2009.

VENICE THE SERIES The landing page of Crystal's upcoming web series is being updated with more and more random objects. Interesting. | The series now has its on Twitter!

The address on the postcard featured on the site? Looks like it's actually *in* the canal. :D [Hope it's noone's address.]

[Hope it's noone's address. *g]

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YESTERDAY'S EPISODES I quite enjoyed the Liv + Doris road trip until the inevitable heartbreak. | US folks can watch the show on or on IMDB.COM.

July 7, 2009.

VENICE THE SERIES Crystal's upcoming web series now has a website.

CBS COM INTERVIEW Crystal reflects on 10 years on GL.

TUBEY AWARDS Otalia was nominated for a Tubey Award under the 5-8 tab "Best Romantic Relationship".

ORLAGH'S COMMERCIAL Check out this Cingular ad on YouTube.

Thanks to LB and RocketChick for keeping me posted on news items :D

Hope everyone's having a good summer!

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