October 31, 2009

New photos from KimmyT and tweedleleet.
LiStening to these amazing actors rehearse is really somethin... on Twitpic The lovely guya on Twitpic @bugzy9 and the G-man @galengering #venicetheseries on Twitpic
a twitpic of @kimmyt22 tweeting this twitpic http://twitpic.c... on Twitpic

Michelle's photos: Michelle & Nadia, Michelle & Jordan.

October 30, 2009


Filming continues... Lots of pretties today! Photos from KimmyT, tweedleleet and Nadia.
Writers dream @jessicaleccia @ realnadiab on Twitpic Gina on Twitpic Cast watching Twitter you tube on Twitpic
Gina and Owen on Twitpic Tracy waiting for her "date" on Twitpic Guys in the house on Twitpic
@crystalchappell @hbsguya and of-course Redbull! #venicethese... on Twitpic

I can't link Michelle Carter's photo thumbnails, but you'll want to see this. A really good one of Michelle and Galen,

Upcoming We Love Soaps Interview

October 29, 2009

Another day on the Venice set. Photos from KimmyT, tweedleleet and Nadia.
Tweeting on set.  Crazy mad fun on Twitpic Wheeee on Twitpic Here's what's happening now on Twitpic

October 28, 2009

Guess who's filming her Venice scenes today?! :D | Photos from KimmyT and from tweedleleet
Gina and Ani. on Twitpic ok-- here you go... @jessicaleccia w/ @galengering on #venice... on Twitpic

I missed this yesterday...
the reason we're all addicted to Twitter -- thanks alot@cryst... on Twitpic

October 27, 2009

Filming continues on the Venice front, yay! Photos on TwitPic from KimmyT. Apparently "There will be a contest for signed Venice scripts."
There will be a contest for signed Venice scripts on Twitpic Her first tweet. on Twitpic Gorgeous day for shooting. on Twitpic

October 24, 2009

Filming has begun on Venice! Photos on TwitPic from KimmyT and Aaron007.
Most adorable siblings ever. @crystalchappell @galengehring on Twitpic About to take first shot of the day.  Gorgeous day. Gorgeous ... on Twitpic Tracy. Love. @boldlesli on Twitpic
@KimmyT22 It's official: Lesli Kay is the chick I'd switch fo... on Twitpic @kimmyT22 #venicetheseries last looks for the first take! @cr... on Twitpic @Sera188 Here's a full-length of @crystalchappell's power sui... on Twitpic

October 23, 2009

Lori's photos from the NYC GL events are now online in the main Otalia gallery. Check out photos from Beth Chamberlin's event, the GL Luncheon and Crystal's Luncheon.

There are a couple new t-shirts VENICE shop: Crystal and Jessica

A couple items I'm adding a tad late... Nadia Bjorlin and Galen Gering are in for Venice. Sadly, Jeff Branson is out.

DOOL preview for next week. Thanks to Lori for the heads up.

October 22, 2009

AUSXIP has acquired previously unreleased photos of Crystal Chappell in underwear! For a limited time only! See them today on AUSXIP! For mature audiences only.

Lúcia (Lootcha) Little Doris makes her debut. | Please do not repost this on other sites. Thanks!

Lúcia's very productive tonight! More advantures in Little Venice, now with the help of Little Doris.

In closing, an insightful blog post in the SuperHero Lunchbox blog: We've Come A Long Way, Baby?

October 6, 2009

Lúcia (aka Lootcha) has done another strip... "Guess Who?"

As usual, please do NOT repost on other sites or edit in any way. You are welcome to comment on these pieces on Lootcha's Twitter. Thank you!

October 5, 2009

Lúcia (Lootcha) has provided print quality copies of her adorable Little Otalia and Little Venice pieces! Get these signed at the upcoming GL Luncheon in NYC. Grab the digital prints from AUSXIP's Venice site, put them on a thumb drive, get them printed at a local Walgreens or CVS. :D

Please do not repost these on other sites. Thanks!

October 4, 2009

VENICE Big Venice news and the opening of the store's promised for next week. Be sure to check Venice creative team's Twitter accounts and the official site.

DOOL Promo Miniatures Wish we had the big versions... Thanks to Lori for the info.

Source: Michael Fairman, NBC/Universal

October 2, 2009

DOOL Today: Well, that was a heckuva way to end the episode! It'll be available online later today at the offical DOOL site.

The Suds Report: Oct. 2, 2009 "Days of our Lives, Global/NBC — Chappell of our Lives: Today Carly returns to DAYS! [...] Ivan who? Carly’s nemesis Vivian Alamain will have a new cohort named Gus, who will be the campy villainess’s talk-to. Look for our exclusive interview with daytime’s most powerful player this Wednesday. And don’t worry — I won’t be asking the same boring questions everyone else has been asking La Chappell, who has been on a press tour to end all press tours! I’m dying to see the ratings for DAYS next week! Otalia fans, daytime needs you to produce a ratings miracle, so tune in today, or I’ll feed you to Ellen Wheeler!" Read more... | Thanks to Lori for the info.

Favorite DOOL moments on YouTube by Crystal & Peter Reckell. | Thanks to Lori for the info.