Misc pieces by Mesh | Feel free to grab these for personal use, please do NOT repost these on other boards or sites, rather share a link to this page. Please do NOT crop, chop or edit. Thank you.

DO enjoy.

Click the thumbnails to get the larger versions.

Doris and her many hats.

Many thanks to RocketChick for the suggestions to do the Aretha hat. :>

Icon sized versions:

Pulled for the time being, redoing these.


Icon sized versions:

About the Olivia pieces: The full sized drawing is my first attempt with my lovely Genius tablet, so there are plenty little imperfections. Haven't drawn for a good while now, so be gentle if you wish to provide feedback.

Constructive criticism always welcome, you can reach me at
mesh [at] ausxip [dot] org.


NO hotlinking. | If you plan on using the icons, please credit as Mesh or ag or AUSXIP upon use. Thank you. You're welcome to comment on these and add your own art at the femslash_fanart community on Livejuornal.


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