ORLANDO SIGNING - Added photos by StewartWade and Collins to the site of Crystal & Jessica, as well as Frank D wearing an Team Otalia button. Excellent stuff! :D

Read Stewart-Wade's highlights from the Orlando trip.

Read Collins' report of her Orlando trip.

Michael Fairman has posted an entry in his blog "GUIDING LIGHT ORLANDO- What went on, who was there" with the promise of more to come. " The autograph line for Crystal Chappell and Jessica Leccia was HUGE. It was triple any other autograph lines of the day, and fans came out from across the country for it. "Team Otalia" spread their love and their purple power." Click here to read Michael's blog.

Soap Talk: GL at Universal Studios: Part 2 "[...] looks at the "Otalia" phenomenon among Guiding Light (GL) fans and features comments from Atlanta's Crystal Collins and Cheryl W. from St. Augustine, Florida."

Crystal & Jessica a shout out to Otalia fans from Orlando, courtesy of the Otalifan YouTube Channel.

Soap Central interview with Crystal Chappell, Jessica Leccia and Frank Dicopoulos from Orlando! Thanks to sparklebunny for the info.

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