Stewart-Wade's Highlights from the Orlando Trip

I really had the BEST time. It was SO great to hang with all the other Otalia fans. That line was like the promenade deck on an Olivia Cruise! CC and JL were so incredibly gracious and grateful for the Otalia fan support. After the Q&A in the morning CC sought out the Otalia fan group and came over to tell them how much she and JL appreciated all of our support. She told Otalia fan Collins that they read the BPD board and other Otalia sites and that they were amazed with, and so happy about, the enthusiasm and support for the storyline.

CC is even more gorgeous in person. JL was glowing.

Jessica was all over that freaking park, big as a house with a purple dress on (purposely she said) and with her Team Otalia button on! Collins gave them the buttons at the Q&A at 11am and they were still wearing them at their signing at 2pm. By the end of the day Frank and Jessica's husband Brian were wearing buttons too!

They were wonderful while signing and again and again expressed their gratitude to the fans. I have to say that Frank was also wonderful and told Collins that in the future all Otalia fans would LOVE him... Hmmmm, that sounds promising!

There was a guy there from the Advocate doing a story. He interviewed JL and CC after the signing (we watched from afar) and then came and interviewed Collins.

After the interview JL and CC came BACK over to the Otalia group to sign more stuff, take more pics, and finally do a fan video bit for the BPD board. Collins asked them and they were all about doing it. They honestly seem to LOVE this storyline and Otalia fans and they were really genuinely wonderful.

One of the funniest moments for me was when they had come back over to our group towards the end and I asked Crystal to sign another picture I had with me and handed her a huge sharpie I had borrowed from Collins. She took it, looked at it, looked at me and said, "Where the F#@K did you get this big pen?!" It was hilarious. She kept on about it laughing and asking "Where do you get something like this, the big pen store??" It was a trip and JP got a GREAT picture capturing the exact moment!

We stayed until they all walked back into the park. JL and hubby went one way and CC and Frank went another. CC and Frank walked behind us for a bit. I noticed that even out in the park EVERY SINGLE time they were stopped and asked for a pic or auto they were all about YES. I saw other cast members walking the park that ignored or outran fans while some stood around smoking and told fans they would see them at the signing but wouldn't sign now. Not our girls. They were ALL about the fans.

Anyway I have never been to a soap signing before (I do all Sci Fi and comic cons) but I will be going to any other in which CC and JL are involved! All in all it ROCKED!

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