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Part 2 - Videographic evidence

Here are some YouTube links to Olivia as Xena (both good and bad Xena). Similar to Xena, at times, Olivia can act pretty heartless and ruthless. But she's just needs the love of a good woman.

"You Owed Me"

Enraged Rafe

Then there is the Xena who has a hard time expressing feelings (starts @ 2:28) and at 3:50 Olivia gives a Xena facial expression.

Then Olivia gives this look when Rick enters the room which is quite similar to Xena's expression when Callisto hovered over her and Gab before they were crucified (@ the 5:00-:5:06 range). Well, that whole scene was similar to the pre-crucifix scene, though Nat holds back a lot more than Gab.

Freaking Superhero

Finally, though there are so many more, Liv's battle with Decker in the hospital room and in his hotel room after her resignation. In the hospital room, Olivia knows she can't win so she does enough to survive to fight another day. Sound familiar? Then she does battle Decker in his hotel room and secures her victory! The sacrifices made for love!
Hospital Battle with Decker, starts @ 4:35

Hotel Battle with Decker, starts @ 5:24