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The great thing about watching all of the Otalia storyline is seeing Olivia go from Uber Xena the Conqueror to Uber Xena. Olivia has done so much healing and has found safety with Natalia. And similar to Xena the Conqueror, even when Olivia is not acting nice and is causing all kinds of trouble, she still gets wounded by others.

Natalia is Uber Gabrielle; though she certainly didn't start out being mesmerized by Olivia. But at this point, given Olivia is so raw and vulnerable, if Natalia were to break Olivia's heart (which I don't see happening at this point in this story) then Natalia would be Akemi. Olivia would be so out of her mind with heartache that she could very well be capable of accidently killing 40,000 people.

Doris Wolfe, she is Uber Najara. Doris is a zealot with only her own gain in mind. Her condemnation of Otalia was couched in language leaning towards the greater good. She will throw anyone under the bus (so far she hasn't murdered nonbelievers), to meet her goals. For Doris, the Jinn are the perceived voices of her constituents. Also, Doris symbolically knocked a tooth out of Olivia's jaw when Doris told Olivia, "I wish a man would talk about me like the way you just talked about her."

Uber Ceasar is Phillip. With Phillip, Olivia had both power, raw sexual desire, and love. Olivia and Phillip have had a very destructive love/hate relationship. Phillip knows, and is able to assess, Olivia's vulnerabilities. And when he is not on her side, she fears for her safety and the safety of those nearest to her. Also, Olivia is consumed by Phillip's mere presence. Similar to Xena, Gabrielle, and Caesar, Olivia's obsession and fear of Phillip may become an obstacle in her current relationship with Natalia. Perhaps Olivia's behavior at the funeral home and her jailhouse scene with Phillip could parallel Xena's battle with Caesar in Britannia; a battle that occurred while Gabrielle was getting into serious trouble with Dahok. Natalia's sexual encounter with Frank may be seen in a similar light as Gabrielle's experience; though, Natalia's experience was certainly not as violent. The consequences of Natalia's sexual encounter with Frank, however, may be just as troubling to Olivia and Natalia's relationship as was Gabrielle's encounter with Dahok.

Buzz Cooper represents Uber Lao Ma. He was one of the first people that brought a moral center to Olivia's world. She loved him like no other, but was unable to rise above her own self doubt and recrimination to stay with him. Much like Xena, Gabrielle, and Lao Ma, the effects of Buzz's unconditional love have stayed within Olivia and have prepared her for her relationship with Natalia.

Uber Borias is Jeffrey. He is there when she needs an out. He is most important to the story in relation to Buzz/Lao Ma. The story when Jeffrey ruins Olivia's marriage to Buzz parallels the final gambit against Ming Tzu. Jeffrey and Olivia figuratively cut out Buzz's heart. Also, Jeffrey has a shade of Uber Caesar. Jeffrey's rape of a teenage Olivia parallels Xena's broken legs and first crucifixion. It forged her character and her path in life.

As an aside, this story leaves a wonderful option for Frank to morph into Ming Tien. Unfortunately, Frank is too one dimensional. So far Frank does not seem calculating enough to help Natalia unwittingly betray Olivia as Ming Tien did with Gabrielle.

Alan is Uber Ares. Alan still wants to bend the world with his will. He wants to rule the world. Similar to Xena, back in her conqueror days, Olivia was drawn to Alan's desire to conquer the world. And now she is not.

Ava is Uber Eve/Livia. Ava was conceived under a plotline considered ridiculous by many GL viewers, much like those whereby Eve/Livia came to be. Date rape or immaculate conception …you choose. But like the Xena storyline, Ava disappeared to return years later. Mother and daughter spent many episodes clashing in battle. Finally they united and continued to build their broken bond.

This leads us to Uber Eli - Gus Aitoro. While Olivia is still searching for her faith she was introduced to it through Natalia. Natalia's faith was bolstered by Gus. Natalia had religion before reconnecting with Gus, but he brought back her faith. Together, Gus and Natalia opened the doors of hope for our Uber Xena. Like Eli, Gus' influence continues long after death. His influence is actually stronger after death for all of Springfield (see Alan's visitations).

Uber Hercules is Josh. Josh never doubts his own motives or decisions. He is always right. Olivia and Josh shared love. Similar to Hercules with Xena, Josh was a guide in her initial transformation to begin to embrace life. Josh saved Olivia from her suicide attempt.

Olivia and Cassie Winslow had a spectacular mud fight (see YouTube). In Cassie, we have the closest to an Uber Callisto. Early in Olivia's history, Cassie and Olivia clashed often and vehemently hated each other.

Uber Alti is Reva Shane. Though Olivia and Reva have mended their relationship, Reva used to go out of her way to destroy Olivia's endeavors, especially her romances. Reva broke up Josh and Olivia, and just for good measure, got between Olivia and Richard. There is a level where Reva Shane was once Olivia's greatest foe. Similar to Alti and Xena, Reva knows Olivia's vulnerabilities like no other foe except Caesar.

Edmund has shades of an Uber Borias. Though Olivia and Edmund never had the sexual relationship that existed between Xena and Borias, they did scheme together in both San Cristobel and in Springfield. And their schemes were early in Olivia's history in the show.

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