Otalia Primer for Xenites

aka the part where I explain how Otalia is really an Uber Conqueror story

If you were at the annual Xena convention in January, you may have noticed the excitable dork bouncing around, PDA in hand asking passersby if they were watching Guiding Light. No matter the amount of looks of disbelief or pronouncements of "I don't need to watch yet another soap", this dork did her best to explain Otalia in a language so many of us understand best: the lingo of the Xenaverse.

Just go with this, you can thank me later. :D

Our Uber Conqueror is Olivia Spencer, a powerful hotel mongol mogul keen on conquering the world... one hotel at a time. She is a rich, snarky and devious woman with much darkness in her past. Add a few ex husbands and children just for good measure.

Enter Uber Gabrielle (minus the broken legs), the pure and gorgeous Natalia. This woman of simple means and upbringing helps our Conqueror start on her path to redemption.

Without even realizing it, Olivia becomes a different person through interacting with Natalia. Now who wouldn't want to see a journey like that?

They even raise a child, Emma together. (No, she does not age 25 years overnight, while her Mommies are locked into a freezer, nor is she forced to wear really bad wigs.)

Our Uber Gabrielle has her Uber Perdicus in the shape of Frank (Natalia enjoying Frank's company above), who will probably not get whacked by this verse's Callisto, mayor of crazy, Doris Wolfe.

Due to the complicated nature of Olivia's dating and mating habits, it would be hard to say who's the Caesar, Michael or Borias in Springfield, but they are all there, I am sure.


Now watch Otalia in action and tell me you don't want to see more!